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When the Media Takes on LDS Doctrine

General Conference weekend did not disappoint. After watching all five sessions of Conference I walk away recharged, refreshed and recommitted to living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
This conference had a bit of a different tone — more strident, more urgent, and more straight-forward in

Russell Crowe as Noah in Darren Aranofsky's biblical epic

Why Global Warming is Entirely Man Made

The Hollywood version of Noah comes out soon and there has been months of controversy about it. The Hollywood Reporter is out with a review today claiming the film is heavy-handed when it comes to its environmentalist message and pretty light-weight in its mention of


Rumors of War

It is concerning to me that while news headlines continue to blare potentially world changing events so many are so silent.
In an age of instant commentary the dull thud of silent reaction to such events is deafening.
Maybe it is because no one knows


Church Asks Nicely to Go Away

General Conference is just a few weeks away and already, almost as if it has been preplanned, the Church has had to deal with publicity in the New York Times and other publications about, a small group that would like the media to believe


A Stroll Through the Circle of Life

We had a great weekend. It presented an opportunity to crash our former world in Sandy by attending the baby blessing of dear friends of the family. It took us to our old ward and our old neighborhood. It proved to be informative if only


Pictures from America Gone By

It is one of the most enduring images from an era of iconic visuals seared in the world’s memory: a sailor and a nurse, whose faces are unknown, locked in a kiss celebrating the end of World War II.
This picture makes the news every


In Praise of Dollar Shave Club

I hate shaving. With a passion. I just detest it.
I suppose that is one reason why I’ve worn a beard of some sort off and on during my adult life. In fact, I just shaved off 18 months worth of growth, much to the


Amazon Has Become Costco and I Do Not Like It

Amazon announced today they were raising their prices for their Prime membership from $79 to $99.
And in so doing they might have lost me as a customer altogether.
I was waffling anyway.
Two-and-a-half years after I bought my Kindle Fire sight unseen I’ve gone


The Dishonest World of Mormon Bloggers

I tend click on many “Mormon” links in my online travels because I’m interested in what people have to say about the Church. The media often gets the Church wrong. But those who claim close ties to the Church often get it even more wrong.